Whether you require a one-off installation or decide to install several products, we can do that for you.

Catering equipment installed & tailored to your kitchen design.

Our aim is to provide caterers with the best of equipment from leading brands and manufacturers to create super-efficient kitchens to maintain and improve your store’s catering experience. We cover all types of installations from all leading manufacturer brands, all tailored to your kitchen space, functionality and ease of use. We carry out the whole process from delivery, installation and commissioning.

Several products require specialist installation by a qualified engineer & tradesmen. We offer an efficient and competitive product installation service. Our directors and project managers will happily visit one or more sites across your portfolio to assess your kitchen space by taking into consideration of power supplies, drainage, and accessibility in recommending the right catering equipment for your business.

Why Choose Caterglobe?

Solid Warranties

We offer solid warranties with the products we sell and the services we offer. This means you, your business and your equipment are all protected.

Emergency Services 24/7

We offer emergency services 24/7, all tracked and traced for when you are ready to begin. Call us for emergency services and we can guarantee you a call out time to repair whatever needs to be repaired.

Trusted & Recommended Since 2000

Our engineers are highly skilled and experienced in the catering equipment industry. We are recommended by previous and ongoing clients.

Licensed & Insured

We offer full security for the jobs that are carried out by our engineers and can always promise exceptional service. ​


Case Study - GAIL's Bakery


We carefully installed catering equipment around the work of architects and interior designers to ensure we are meeting the most exacting standards. So far, we've supplied & installed over 200+ products for several stores across London.

Featured Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers that may help you save some time…

We provide a complete support package to cover all aspects to do with catering equipment. We also offer one-off repairs and installations if you aren’t looking for something long-term.

We provide support on all leading manufacturing brands such as Rational, Infrico, Sveba Dahlen and more. We also work with all types of commercial catering equipment ranging from ovens to fridges.

This depends on the respective manufacturer’s warranty policy.

Yes, our support desk is open 24/7, 365 days a year.

We work around-the-clock on a 4 hour call-out guarantee. This means our engineers can get there within 4 hours, with tracking and regular updates to keep you informed.

Every commercial kitchen needs hand-washing stations, dishwashing equipment, an ice machine, a refrigerator, and a freezer. Many businesses will require more than that, but these items are vital for startup kitchens.