Gresilva – Horizontal gas grill GHPI 2/800

The HORIZONTAL GAS GRILL, Line 9, with dimensions of 800mm (w) x 850 mm (h) x 900mm (p) and grilling area of 622mm x 737mm. As optional, it could have one support and extra grids.

On the upper part, there is a horizontal grid where the food is placed. The heat sources are positioned at a lower level and outside the cooking area. Heat is supplied by burners made up of ceramic radiation plates, which are arranged diagonally, in such a way as to provide enough heat for cooking, at the same time allowing fat and waste to fall without coming into contact with the heat source.

When the burners are working at maximum, the radiation plates reach a temperature of 850º within seconds, thus achieving the much sought-after intense heat without flames or charcoal.


Technical Features

Dimensions: 800 mm (w) x 900 mm (p) x 850 mm (h)
Weight: 165 kg
Thermal Flow: 26kw
Type: A
Category: II 2H3+
Voltage: 230 V
Electric Power: 0,6 w

Pressure: 28-30 mbar
Consumption: 2,1 kg/h

Pressure: 37 mbar
Consumption: 2,1 kg/h

Pressure:20 mbar
Consumption: 2,8 m 3/h