Infrico – BMGN 1960 GRBT

Energy efficiency
Improvement of the energy classification, due to the use of R-290 refrigerant, electronic fans and optimized circulation of the air for improved temperature uniformity in the interior.

New control system
The new user-friendly controller IP65 has greater precision in temperature control. Easier to adjust the temperature range we want to achieve.

Infrico is audited and certified by an international organization AENOR in ISO 9001: 2015 (Quality); ISO 14001: 2015 (Environment); OSHAS 18001: 2007 (Worker Safety and Health) and by INTERTEK in
accordance with UL 471 and NSF 7.

Compact structure totally injected.
Polyurethane insulation 70 mm thick, injected at high pressure free of CFC’s with density 40 Kg / m3, Zero ODP and Low GWP.

New door design
New design of doors with double grip handle. Doors equipped with hinges for automatic return and permanent pressure during closing.
The automatic return is free when the opening exceeds 95º. They include four-chamber “cleanless” fl at door gasket easily removable.

Refrigeration system
Supplied with 3/8” connection pipes for the evaporator.
Forced-air evaporator.
Hot gas defrost.


Remote undercounter refrigerator Series GN1/1 700


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