Mizumo Self-Service Pro

Designed especially for businesses where customers serve their own natural juice. And since the customer is king, it must be as convenient and fresh as possible.

That’s why the Mizumo SELF-SERVICE PRO juicer is the ideal tool.

This model is built around a specially reinforced stainless steel body for large consumption needs. The input basket can hold up to 20 kilos of oranges, and the wheeled podium can accommodate two waste containers of 40 litres each.

In addition, the juicer has a self-service tap that operates the juicer each time it is pressed.



  • Automatic orange feeder.
  • Input capacity: 40 oranges per minute.
  • Basket capacity: 20 kg of oranges.
  • With support for 38/33 neck bottles.
  • Bottle racks available. See accessories section.
  • Maximum free height for juice container: 26 cm.
  • Dimensions: 66x58x180 cm (68x69x126.5 cm + 82.5x62x82 cm with packaging).
  • Weight: 108+38 kg (130+58 kg with packaging).
  • Orange size: 60-80 mm Ø.
  • Power: 370 W.
  • Voltage: 230 V / 50 Hz (110 V / 60 Hz consult).

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