Rilling – Refrigerator Line 1300 with glass door with LED lighting

Refrigerator GN 2/1 with 2 doors with forced air cooling, automatic defrost and vapourisation of defrost water, elt. thermostate and digital display. Refrigeration machine ready to plug-in. Central cooling with E-valve and defrost water discharge. Hygienic design with rounded corners and extended floor. Evaporator-free cooling compartment. Refrigerating unit as monobloc located above outside of the cooling compartment.


Dimensions: 1390x810x2020 mm (LxDxH)
Electrics (built in cooling): 380W / 230V*
Electrics (remote cooling): 180W / 230V*
Refrigerant: R290
Gross capacity: 1400 L
Refrig. capacity: 550W evap. temp. -10°C
ambient temp.: +16 / +40°C
Temperature: °C -2 / +12 góra
Energy consumption: 3,20 kWh / 24h
Accessories: 6 Grids coated GN 2/1, 6 Pair U-trayslide