Rilling – Saladette GN 1/1

2-door saladette with stainless steel hinged lid and cutting board, with foamed-in evaporator system, convection refrigeration, ON/OFF switch, thermostatic control, automatic defrosting and evaporation of defrost water, ready to plug in. Without GN-containers.


Dimensions: 950x680x825/1150 mm (LxDxH)
Electrics: 320W / 230V
Refrigerant: R290
Gross capacity: 270 L
Depth: 700 mm
Refrig. capacity: 310W evap. temp. -10°C
ambient temp.: +16 / +25°C
Temperature: °C +2 / +12 góra
Energy: 2,6 kWh / 24h
Accessories: 2 grids steinless steel, 2 Pairs of rails, tip-proof, 2 bars 527 mm

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