Gresilva – Roast Chicken Cutter

Innovative, fast and safe way to cut roasted chicken

• the movement of the cutter is automatically controlled
• two-handed control unit
• only a single operator
• Emergency stop is activated whenever the operator ceases to press one of the buttons

Extremely quite as it uses an electrical system without any hydraulic or pneumatic components

Reduced cutting time, the chicken is cut in a single movement

Easy to use

Easy to install
It requires only a single-phase supply

Consumes 0.25kW

Easy to clean
To clean the blades, simply remove the cutter (no tools needed), wash in the dishwasher or wash with a suitable cleaning product and rinse off under running water

Well-presented final product
The blades cut in a single and precise movement, so the chicken looks really good


Technical Features
Model – MC1-580
Voltage – 230V
Rated current – 1A
Rated Power – 0,25kw
Weight – 129kg

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